Cobo to Chouet

Cobo to Chouet

Section 5 : 9.0 km / 5.6 Miles
Cumulative distance : 48.2km / 29.9 Miles


Take the coast road (North) past the Rockmount Hotel and join the pavement opposite grocery store, then take the path left over the dunes to Grandes Rocques headland. Keep to the bay past the kiosk and toilets and walk out to the headland and past the fort.

The path returns down the other side of the headland passing to the seaward side of a hotel. Continue until you cross a small car park and follow the path round the next two bays (Port Soif and Portinfer).

Stay with the coast around the clay pigeon shoot and back towards the coast road. The path continues along the bank and into the car park by a pond. Cross the car park and follow the rough road between the sea and the pond to rejoin the coast road at Les Vardes Farm.

From the car park opposite Les Vardes Farm follow the coastal path around the head of the bay and then on towards the Loophole Tower (Rousse Tower). The path continues round the next large bay (Le Grand Havre). Follow the path towards Houmet Tavern and continue on this path that leads to the seaward side of the States Houses heading towards the distant Vale Church.

Before reaching the Church, turn left from the kiosk car park and follow the path on around the bay (passing Ladies Bay.) Keep left of the car parks and children’s play area. Walk along the path between the coast and the golf course and onto the Chouet – Checkpoint 5.



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