Portelet Slip Pleinmont to Cobo

Portelet Slip Pleinmont to Cobo

Section 4 : 9.9 km / 6.1 Miles
Cumulative distance : 39.2km / 24.3 Miles


Follow the coast road north along long sweeping bay to L’Eree. Use the seawall walk approaching L’Eree.

Pass the bus turning point and then take the road on left heading towards the distant German observation tower. Turn right at the first T-junction and back to the coast road and a car park.

The path leaves the car park and runs along the shingle bank. Then follow the coast road to Perelle.

Stay with the road as it turns right away from the coast. Take the second road on the left. Turn right at next T-junction following the road to a car park. Follow the next bay along the grass verge and then the sea wall to Vazon (Vistas Café).

From Vazon car park follow the seawall to the north end of the bay. Go up the steps and past the restored German Bunker and walk out to the Fort Hommet headland and around the seaward side of the fort.

The coast path returns down the other side of the headland. As you approach the main coast road head left (North) towards Albecq. Rejoin the coast road and continue following the coast using the pavement and path to Cobo and Checkpoint 4.



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