Le Gouffre to Portelet Slip Pleinmont

Le Gouffre to Portelet Slip Pleinmont

Section 3 : 10.5km / 6.5 Miles
Cumulative distance : 29.3km / 18.2 miles

Leave the restaurant by the long flight of steps. Ignore next two lefts, stay on main path until you join a private drive and then a track. You will meet a road at a hairpin. Go down the hill looking out for a sharp left turn back on yourself to rejoin the cliff path. Take next left then keep left at all path junctions until you reach La Corbière car park near a large German fortification.

Cross the car park and follow the path towards the headland. After a short flight of steps turn right along cliff path. Continue until you pass to the right of a German observation tower, descend to the car park and take the road for just 30m. Turn left back onto the cliff path.

Turn left at path T-junction (below Creux Mahé farm). At next Y-junction in the path take the right fork (left is a dead end) and cross the car park at Les Tielles, here you will find a water stop and a portaloo.

Continue to follow the cliff path through three car parks near German fortifications. Shortly after the third car park take a sharp left turn down the hillside. After the steps, follow the path down to the coast. Take the path along the coast which will join the start of a disused road leading you to Checkpoint 3, just short of the Imperial Hotel.


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