Traditionally many walkers travel to Guernsey to take part in this remarkable annual event. 

Although happily Guernsey has been almost Covid-free during the entirety of 2020, we do understand that concerns will lie in the minds of those beyond our shores wishing to take part in our 2020- 2021 Walk.

Many will feel unable at this time to commit to travel arrangements to join us in June. We therefore invite all those interested but currently unable to commit to follow our web site and social media closely. These will carry regular updates for the information of those who would wish to be here but are not yet in the position to commit to making travel arrangements.

In the meantime here are a few key points of information:

  • The plight of Jersey’s position with regard to the pandemic is in the forefront of the news at the moment. Guernsey is not affected in the same manner, being a totally different jurisdiction and following its own public health strategy which is materially different from that of Jersey (or indeed that of mainland UK). We are fortunate in being able to continue to report no publicly seeded Covid-19 cases. Our borders are essentially closed to free uninterrupted travel between ourselves and Jersey. 
  • Indemnified registration fees – Whist we cannot offer to underwrite wasted travel costs, if overseas walkers want to reserve a place in this year’s walk now to avoid later disappointment, we do undertake to return those fees should travel onto the Island be prohibited due to Covid-19 related regulations within 14 days either side of the walk date.
  • If you wish to register your name by email to [email protected] we will be pleased to update you regularly on our local public health guidance as events become clearer over the months ahead.
  • We are in an active dialogue with the department of our Island’s Director of Public Health and can give you confidence that every step will be taken to ensure the arrangements during Walk Day will follow strictly the guidance that we are given to protect our walkers and volunteers.

We all hope that the pharmaceutical industry is showing us the first sight of light at the end of the long dark tunnel of recent months. And what better place would there be to celebrate new-found travel freedoms than on this beautiful corner of the British Isles, whose relative isolation has thus far allowed us to avoid the ravages of the pandemic. We therefore sincerely hope to be welcoming visitors form the UK and beyond in June to join us on our incredible Coastal Walk.

Please do Stay Safe and Stay in Touch !

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